Hi! I am Marvin Stecker. I am pre-doctoral researcher at the Computational Communication Science Lab at the University of Vienna. I am working in the EU-funded AUTHLIB project on challenges to liberal democracy across Europe. Previously, I helped to manage and contributed to the OPTED project which worked towards establishing an infrastructure for the analysis of political texts in Europe.

Within my dissertation, I focus on the role that social groups play within politics, how they are mobilised and discursively negotiated. More broadly, while a communication scientist at heart, my undergraduate background in sociology influences me to examine power structures, hierarchies and discrimination in politics and society. I am particularly interested in their expression in (digital) media and culture.
drawingTo research all of this, I am fascinated by (computational) methodologies, their development and application to new research avenues. That has also lead me to appreciate skill-sharing and asking dumb questions. Every GitHub commit of mine will have a history of ten things I failed at before. If you read this, and you have a question, or are interested in something, or just wanna say hello, hit me up!

In my spare time, I enthusiastically gush about baroque music and proudly love cheap, no-name chocolate.